Thursday, July 20, 2006

Suit Up and Down

I don't know if steamy summer makes you nostalgic for John Steinbeck,
or if that's just my complex. Either way, I found this Steinbeck swimsuit!,
titled "Salinas." This classy number can be purchased at Bliss world,
which deserves credit for promoting Salinas all summer long.

But let's say you didn't read lots of Steinbeck books and instead
this blog is making you illiterate, that's okay too. Muffin, this swimsuit is like reading by osmosis.


violet said...

Do you remeber when my car broke down in Salinas? And then I went to an In-N-Out and then it turned out the engine hat rotted a guy in a tow truck drove us to Burlingame and you picked us up at a car dealership there and then we lived with you for two weeks? good thing I wasn't wearing a swimsuit.

charlotte said...

Of course, I do! The journey of the century. Internal combustion! Epic romance!