Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Awesome Rock n' Roll New and Old Products to Love

Or should we say looooooove? It's hotter than Hades in New York,
and in such trying times, Barney's is totally our savior.

T. Leclerc Compact Foundation ($47.50, Barney's, eluxury.com)
Personal Number: #2

It's a good thing I submitted to the hefty price tag for
T. Leclerc, shade #2 T. Leclerc Compact Foundation
, because it perfectly matches my skintone. If you get one for yourself, you can know what it feels like to be me--superdiva-licious and perfect in every way. And bienvenue to my world, totally broke.

Whole Foods Mint Shampoo ($1.99, Whole Foods)

Wash your hair with the Whole Foods 365 brand Mint shampoo, and even throw it on your face. Chemical-free and paraben-free, this organic shampoo smells as delicious as a cup of fresh mint tea with a teaspoon of honey. It makes me feel like I'm in Marrakech without any of that jetlag. Therefore, moi pronounces it, "lovely."

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