Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Magic Face.

I've talked about my love for Tarte cheekstains before, but i really have to rhapsodize about the brand new one, Cloud 9. MWAH MWAH MWAH. I was sure it was going to turn out to be a huge mistake when I bought it. Something told me to OWN IT, though, even though it was just so... purple. And purple never looks good on skin. Except it's not really purple, it's a kind of cool rich pink when you put it on, with a tiny bit of sheen - not shimmer, though, definitely not shimmer. It's also a GODSEND for someone like me who's prone to turing bright red if she encounters so much as a bit of dust or goes out in the sun for two seconds - it actually neutralizes the weird tomato color somehow. Magic. It's magic. I have magic face. I love it. And it is all nice and creamy and blendy and it makes great lipstain too. I can't wait to blow everone's mind with my awesome face.

Also, further evidence that I was right about there being a pervert convention in town, I went to Barnes and Nobles to study today, and got a coffee at the cafe, and sat down at the counter only to realize that the guys on BOTH SIDES of me were looking at porn. Hotttt. Guess that's what I get for not supporting my local independent bookstore.


The Glitterati said...

How could you NOT own it? It matches your Awesome Victorian Pseudonym!

Oh, and yay you're back!!

kuri said...

Yay, you're back! I guess Charlotte's not coming back anytime soon? Brilliant , hilarious post.