Monday, August 01, 2011

Confirmed! Go All Out!

Hello darlings,

So I just wanted to confirm (as promised) that the "Goya look" I mentioned yesterday is totally attainable and yes, it's a-okay to put pink powder all over your face.

I went to Sephora today to double-check my strong hunch that sweeping blush from your cheekbone down to your jawline and to your ear is cool.  (And I don't mean in an Eighties cool way, but in a genuinely pretty way.) The key is to choose a blendable, extremely sheer shade.  If you can find a color that is barely noticeable on your skin, then that's the right one.

Two products that I recommend are Smashbox Soft Lights in Prism ($28) and Benefit's Dandelion Face Powder ($28). You can dust the color all over, only leaving the area above your lip and nose bare. The look is angelic and beautiful. For a more pronounced effect, you can add a pinch of Smashbox blush in Heartbreak, which is a bit darker, or your regular favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks too.

Smashbox Soft Lights in Prism

Smashbox Blush in Heartbreak

Well, au revoir! Hope you're having a lovely week!


Vaseline Queen said...

Hi Charlotte, this is interesting - I had been watching a Lisa Eldridge video on YouTube the other day and she had also been talking about how blush on your lower cheeks and towards the bottom of your face is very modern at the moment, as well as pretty-fying! Prism is a beautiful colour, may have to seek that one out...Thanks! Jenna xx

Lisa said...

Loving that Prism color by Smashbox!

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