Friday, August 15, 2008

Would This Make Me a "Holly Hunter-Ite" or a "Holly Hunter-ophile"?

Hi senoritas,

A) I'm trying to grow my hair as long as Holly Hunter's.

And B) I have trouble accepting the abundance of lukewarm, female characters we see in the movies and on TV. So as ya probably know by now, Saving Grace's a rare TV show. Holly Hunter plays Grace, a headstrong female investigator with few apologies for who she is. She's totally rockin'!

Now, the show has set up an online forum where women are weighing in about real, emotional issues. They don't censor their contributors or make them divulge their most embarrassing makeup bloopers. Hold your horses, you say? No, giddy up. It's good news for the web. There's a million miles of fluff content directed at women (guilty as charged!), and not nearly enough straight talk. Check it out.

Also, trying to stay "on message," I'm also a massive, massive fan of the Holly Hunter flick, Home for the Holidays.

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