Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogger Champagne Klatsch: Botox on Cruise Ships and Chocolate Soap

Earlier this week, a posse of us blogger-ette girls met downtown to catch up over champagne, though only water for me. (Is Louisa May Alcott my sister? No, I am just a lightweight.) During our candlelit meeting, we discussed all the things and people that inspire and annoy us.

Like...Cosmetic Surgery on the High Seas. Anne Fritz, who writes for Jet Set Girls, jumped in to tell us about her newest post. The dish: Norwegian Cruise Lines now stows doctor who will administer Botox on their ships. Isn't that nice of them? But what about the stormy waters and those big needles? I'd much rather fight a pirate or a large squid than a dermatologist on a wobbly floor. Make them walk the plank!

Rats! This icebreaker got us all bunched up and peeved about Botox. Some of us were concerned about a recent study that shows Botox particles can travel from a rat's whiskers to its brain. I was in the anti-Botox boat as were several other fashion-beauty blog klatschers who talked about frozen eyelids and all types of horrible, horror stories. Anne confessed she was pro-botulinum toxins, and likes to drink some in the morning with toast. She is against Botox on cruise ships though. And others kept mum. Then, we changed the subject to....

Yummy Soap. Do tell. Well, the fabulous Charu at Butterfly Diary was kvelling over her new soaps from Soapier. I've never seen anyone quite so rapturous about soap, but the "spirits" at the table were flowing freely. She really loves their products that smell like chocolate, like this chocolate-raspberry Red Devil slice by Soapier.
I would give you more details, but need my beauty sleep....will talk more about my new blogger girlfriends soon. Also, expect product reviews asap!

Stay gorgeous darlings,

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ButterflyDiary said...

Oh you are such a doll. I am kinda of rapturous about soap, LOL.

But seriously, don't you think they look like slices of heaven?

It was so great meeting you!