Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dicey Décolletages: Some Advice

All over the subways are women in barely there slip dresses, busty tube tops, plunging backs, and other looks that would make George Washington look askance. As chicks, this is totally our right!

What I want to say is--and I'm not a complainer--that when wearing a skimpy low-backed dress (pictured below) or a pink vintage slip, do not wear boring, cheap high heels. "Cheap" is not a monetary amount; it's about not wearing horrible black fake leather pumps when all one's precious features are visible to the natural world.

Avoid a subway fashion don't, and stick to modest leather sandals and espadrilles. If you've got the attitude, pair that risky number with wild boots or boyish oxfords, and a feather in your cap.

(Next post will revisit the peacock issue.)

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