Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eyeshadow Government's Test Results: Clinique's New Cleansing Foam

This should have been a no-brainer, but I've been pretty married to my hippie face wash. Either way, it turned out my face was ready for a change when I test-drove Clinique's new Clear Skin cleansing foam.

The Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam's main "spot-zapper" ingredient is salicylic acid, which I like better than benzoyl peroxide. If you have problem skin, you have to see what works best: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, clay masks, essential oil-based face washes, or prescription medication from a dermatologist. Also, Clinique brings back memories of middle school, which was a very pleasant, un-traumatic period for me, contrary to most people's experiences.

Since I can't give up chocolate or gobs of makeup anytime soon, I will without a doubt be using Clinique's new cleansing foam lots and lots. This pastel bottle means business.

Buy it: Clinique Acne Cleansing Foam ($17.50), or the Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit ($32.50) Macy's.

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