Friday, May 18, 2007

Suggestive Summer: Bronze Looks

Carmindy of "What Not To Wear" has a new book of beauty tips, "The Five-Minute Face," and although it's hard to tell who's dumber--Carmindy, the makeup artist and "yang" of WNTW, or Stacy London, the cantankerous "yin"--we're always rooting for the breezy Carmindy. She looks like a pretty mannequin, but she's also way pro.

No matter how dowdy or deliciously dull their outfits are, Carmindy kinda fixes everything.

Her book recommends blending highlighter along the cheekbone, the area below the eyebrows, and in that little undereye area, right beside your nose. Now, Us Weekly also posted her bronzer tips.

But if you want to go whole Kahuna with self-tanner, remember the golden rule: think ahead (do white feet really match tan knees?) and Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

For a quick pop of sunkissed skin, we recommend Tarte Cheekstain in Bronze Goddess and also, Mineral Fusion's bronzers in Sparkle and Luster.

Buy it: Tarte Bronze Goddess ($28), Sephora; Mineral Fusion Bronzer ($25), Whole Foods.

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Nae Horse said...

carmindy rocks! i would totally do anything to have her do my make up properly and show me how!