Sunday, May 06, 2007

Latest Thrill: Black Poppies

The new CocoRosie album is blowing away this weekend, particularly a tune called "Black Poppies." This is our interpretation of the feeling we get from the song...

Apply a fine wash of transparent pink across the cheeks. [Product watch favorite: Laura Geller Powder Blush in Transparent Pink ($19)]

Try a buttery yellow on the lids, and delicately line the top lid and the bottom outer corner of the eyelid with black shadow. [Both from Nars' Artist Palette ($60)]

Swipe on mascara and when it's set, Revlon Lash Jewels ($10) is designed to "deposit" tiny crystal dewdrops on the tips of eyelashes for an out-of-this world effect.

Add just a dab of color, with The Balm's lip stain in Beauty Queen ($14).