Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Tuesday

Hey girlies,

I am all about self-acceptance lately. I don't have any beef with magazines, and in fact, I love them, but really, you don't need to look like an airbrushed movie star to feel great. There is no bathroom mirror that I know of that can perform Photoshop.

I hope this spring you will embrace your imperfections, especially if they're just physical. Wear less makeup, and more attitude.

Romance Update

I'm dating this guy who is a paragon of virtue and crazy smart.

Still, if you're under 18, which many of you are, and the fellows chasing you aren't so sharp, I would say take a pass on them and study hard. I swear to God. This is my only good advice for you, besides all the stuff about beauty products.


P.S. Also, if you have pretty girlfriends who go to school but don't carry books or do their homework, you should ask them if they are just trying to cryogenically freeze their brain cells or really enjoy flipping burgers? Perfect hair can only do so much for your head.


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Coscrackie said...

Spoken from someone who knows: I SECOND THAT!

For the past 6 or 7 years of my life, I channeled all of my energy into my looks, knowing that boys my age really do generally prefer girls that sit silent and look pretty. I wish this generalization wasn't largely true, but it is.

What did I wind up with? A lot of wasted time and having to re-do my high school classes because I was too busy dating to do my homework.

Had I focused on making the most of what I truly have in abundance (brains) rather than fighting against nature and trying to look perfect, I would be a lot farther ahead in my chosen field now than I currently am.

Don't laugh when I say my chosen field is cosmetic chemistry. I genuinely do believe in having perspective and that looks aren't everything, but you can't fight the biological urge to want to feel compete with your fellow womankind unless you make THAT your primary focus in life. And that shouldn't be your primary focus either, your personal goals should be.

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