Wednesday, April 16, 2008

$800 Manolo Blahnik Shoes I Want

I feel a bit dumb whenever I want $800 shoes, but these are actually just $805, which is causing my brain to rapidly melt. Before all sense disappears, these are so--hot--pink. And beautiful.

Also, my friend offered me a spot of her Cargo lip gloss today when I realized I was sans lipstick. After dipping my finger into the second lightest pink shade in the Oceania lip gloss quad, my smile nearly swam away. Love it!

Buy it: Manolo Blahnik Satin Ankle Strap Sandle ($805), Bergdorf Goodman; Cargo Lip Quad in Oceania ($24), Sephora.

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Karens Kommode said...

My friend wore those to my house the other nite. In black. Said she got them on sale for $380 at Nordstroms!

Hottest shoes I've seen in ages...