Thursday, October 04, 2007

Star of the Screen

"Beauty is the promise of happiness."-- Stendhal

Katherine Hepburn's eyebrows are picture perfect in this photo, but it's not easy being gorgeous.

For a modified dramatic swoop, you can take one of Anastasia's eyebrow templates and pluck carefully. Feeling bold? Pump it up with the darker shade, all included in the Brow Ex-press palette by Anastasia.

Also, if your foundation looks too cakey, blend the makeup in your hand with some shimmery lip gloss to get a Hepburn-esque sheen. (P.S. Pinky's swear, this is probably not an everyday solution, but a-okay if you're rushing out to a vintage movie or cup of tea with friends.)

Delectable Trivia:
Katherine Hepburn would order pecan turtles and other chocolate treats from Mondel's Chocolates, located at 2913 Broadway and 116th St., New York.

Buy it: Anastasia Brow Ex-press Palette ($38), Sephora; Mondel's Chocolates, 2913 Broadway, NY NY.

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Tootsie Farklepants said...

I'm still recovering from brow trauma after my last waxing with a different girl. That's a cool kit but I don't think I'm bold enough to try the template/pluck it yourself route.