Monday, August 20, 2007

ShopVogue.TV Launches Tonight Midnight

Vogue's latest business enterprise ShopVogue.TV is at the vanguard of designer shopaholic-ism, where the advertisements come to life. Put another way, it's the virtual equivalent of a rotating sushi cart with our name on it.

Among its offerings, the new website showcases "behind the scenes" fashion week videos from Chloé, Shalom Harlow looking beautiful, and a video about creating the David Yurman's print advertising campaign. As various items pop up in the videos, a screen to the right eithers leads viewers to a site where they purchase the item immediately online or the exact shop name so you can purchase it in a real store. Walls. Salespeople. Yeah.

The shopping focus is designer fashion, so we were so, so, so glad to see $6 Maybelline lip gloss in Rhinestone Pink, not just $800 frocks. Whew!

What else?...Like MySpace, the "Share" section is intended for users to express themselves in various states of chic by posting personal snapshots online. The world will adore you soon enough--pinky's swear!

As a last word, if they don't mention Eyeshadow Government soon, expect me to post a photo of a tear streaking down my face. Jk.

Check it all out here.

Forget-me-not, ;-)

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