Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paging Sheila Jeffreys.

Aside from her film career, Marlene played the saw and PUT WAX IN HER EYE.

Boy, the Sephora ladies sure have the inside dirt on those Golden Era movie stars. Who knew! I was in last week-ish to buy a nice, brightening inside-the-eye liner because I'm tired of only drawing on the outside of my eyelids.

Eventually, I settled on the soft pencil/highlighter combo of Tarte's Rest Assured Brightening Wand, reviewed by The Addict here. For the record, I like it a bit better than she does, but it hasn't changed my life.

Anyway, as I was paying for it, the Awesome Queen of Trivia behind the counter asked me "Do you know how Marlene Dietrich got this effect?" I didn't. "What she did," AQofT explained, "was she put some melted wax on a bobby pin, and applied that to her inner lid."

And do you know how cavewomen did it? They just pounded themselves in the eye with rocks. Excelsior!

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